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"If there's magic in this world it is contained in water"

- Loren Eiseley

Lexie Kelly is a Professional Open Water Swimmer & Private Swim Coach based in Newport Beach, California. Lexie started swimming when she was only 6 months and hasn't left the water since!

After competing at the collegiate level for 4 years, she graduated from California State University Bakersfield and moved to Orange County, CA to be close to the ocean. 

That's where she discovered her newfound passion of open water swimming. Lexie applied the work ethic and discipline she had developed in college to train as a marathon open-water swimmer.

Her competitive spirit and unwavering determination led her to become one of the top elite open-water swimmers in the world. She traveled the globe to compete in some of the harshest open water conditions and most challenging swimming endeavors. 

With over 3 decades of elite swimming experience, Lexie brings positive energy, professionalism, proper technique and a winner's mentality into her practice, making her the most reputable swimming coach in Orange County, CA.

Lexie has coached hundreds of children and adults throughout her career. Whatever your swimming goals may be, Lexie can help you achieve them! With her extensive swimming knowledge and passion to be of service to others, there's no doubt you'll be in good hands!

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